Air Cooled Rack Water Chillers

(15 – 100 TONS CAPACITY)

NAC Series Air Cooled Multi-Circuit Chillers are used in industrial and commercial applications from central chilling of processes to HVAC. Whaley Chillers have become the number one chilling equipment of choice. In these systems, we incorporate new high efficiency Scroll compressors and stainless steel plate evaporators. The multi-circuit design is used on critical process loads that absolutely cannot be down. WPI will provide complete water system design and plant process survey to determine cooling loads.

Isolated chilling circuits contains:
~ Tandem rotary Scroll Compressors
~ Stainless steel plate evaporators
~ Main integral supply and return header with flanged connection
~ Water valves on each supply and return circuit
~ Refrigeration TEV w/ external equalization
~ Refrigeration sight glass and filter dryer
~ Refrigeration service valves and ports
~ Charged and tested prior to shipment
~ Wiring diagrams and manuals
~ 1 year parts and compressor warranty
~ Compressor and fan contactors
~ Under voltage, phase sequencing and loss protection
~ Compressor overload protection
~ Digital readout temperature controls
~ Manual compressor start
~ Fused 24volt control
~ High-low refrigeration pressure safety
~ Integral pump tank system
~ High and low temperature limits


~ Remote analog panel
~ High temperature alarm
~ Pilot light indicators
~ Suction/discharge/water pressure gauges
~ Remote communications via modem/RS232
~ Low ambient control
~ Integral pump tank systems
~ Remote monitoring of pressure, temperatures, hours, 24-hour rotation up to 16 units, fault indication and call out on fault conditions
~ Isolation chill water/glycol heat exchangers
~ Remote condensing units and in plant chiller
compressor systems with or w/o integral pump tank systems
~ Extended 4year compressor warranty

Systems are shipped with maximum of 5/20 ton circuits per 100 ton chilling bank. Main internal chiller header allows ease of connecting future loads. This allows your chiller system to grow with your operation and reduces the initial investment. Various configurations are available to fit your space requirements. Multi-circuit chillers can be built with integral or remote pump tanks.