Stationary Water Chillers

BWC Series Air-Cooled (1 to 10 Ton)

022 021

Designed for individual home and light commercial.


Simplicity of installation: integrated hydraulic kit.
Low noise
Electronic regulation by microprocessor.


– Galvanized steel, painted light grey.
– External installation with high resistance to corrosion.
– Hermetic SCROLL with thermal protection.
– Sound-proof enclosure.
– Internal thermal protection of motor.
– Crank-case heater.
Heat exchanger / Condenser:
– Water heat exchanger with tube in tube or brazed plate (Optional).
– Copper / aluminum corrugate condenser.
– Direct drive helicoidal type with thermal protection.
– Low noise and low vibration design.
Cooling circuit:
– Copper piping work.
Regulation by CHILLER microprocessor:
– Regulation of water temperature.
– Monitoring of operation parameters.
– Short circuit protection.
– Defrost of air heat exchanger.
– Anti-frozen protection (water heat exchanger).
Digital display showing.
Hydraulic module:
– Surge drum, pump, valve, pressure gauge, pressure switch, safety valve, expansion tank, etc.