Fractional HP Water-Cooled Water Chillers

Compa-Chill “CWM/NWM” Water Cooled Fractional HP Chillers
1/4 to 2 Ton Capacity

~Copeland hermetic compressor
~Refrigeration receiver
~Tube-in-tube Evaporator/Condenser
~Thermostatic expansion valve
~0-100F temperatue switch
~Manual start switch
~Filter dryer
~Charged and tested
~Includes installation manual and
wiring diagrams
~1 year parts and compressor warranty.
~Copper/Nickel Chillers/Condensers
~Glycol-Water Heat Transfer Systems
~Potable Water/Process Heat Transfer
~Oversized Tanks
~Pump Upgrades
~External galvanized dust covers
~Discharge strainer with pressure
gauges inlet/outlet gauges
~Remote panel with digital readout
temperature control allows temp
control an monitoring of the chiller
from a remote location